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Frequently asked questions

How do I book Rubber Biscuit?

Simply email or telephone 01227 266566, or click "Contact" and complete the on-line form.

How long will the band play for?

We typically play two sets, each of up to 1 hours duration plus encore, with a minimum 30 minute break in between. However, this can be tailored to suit your event. Please just let us know your planned itinerary in advance.

How much space does the band need?

Metres Squared- 32m, Metres- 8m wide x 4m deep, Feet- 26ft wide x 13ft deep, although we can work with slightly less. In addition, a space of around 2m² is required within the audience/guest area to accommodate our sound engineer, at a distance of approximately four metres from the main performance area.

How long do the band require to set up?

It takes approximately 75 minutes for the band to get in, set up and check sound levels.

Do the band require a dressing room?

We would ask that you make every effort to provide a secure separate room for the band.

Will there be music during your break?

To keep the party going we have the capability to provide pre-recorded music between our two sets, as well as before and for a short while after our performance. If you require a specific song played for your first dance etc. please let us know – it is something we can facilitate but may need you to provide a copy of the song on CD or MP3.

Do the band require food and drink?

Where food and drink is available please provide refreshments.

What is your sound system?

We provide our own comprising: HK Audio Linea 5 Series system, incorporating up-to six front-of-house speakers and dedicated on-stage monitoring, potentially delivering over 6,000 watts of sound. This is matched with an Allen & Heath 22 channel mixing desk with onboard graphic equalisers and effects unit.

What are your power requirements?

As a rule, the more electrical sockets the better. That said, a minimum of four standard 13A sockets within three metres of the main performance area.

Do you have your own lighting?

We carry a small system of moving and static lights adequate for most venues.